Prescription Drug Discount - Mail Order:
Assists you in reducing the expense of prescription drug medications.

The prescription drug mail order program, provided through Atlantic Prescription Services (APS), allows you to maximize your savings on prescription drugs ordered in 30-day to 90-day supplies. You can save an average of 20% on your maintenance medications. Mail-order prescriptions will be shipped directly to your home at no additional charge.

Typically, the mail order pharmacy provides the highest level of discount for those members that require long-term medication. This service is not designed for prescriptions that you need immediately. If you are currently taking medications for a chronic illness (maintenance medication), or if your doctor prescribes such medication in the future, you may use this service for home delivery.

If you have an active prescription, you should ask your doctor if there is a more cost effective drug available on the preferred drug list to meet your needs. Often times drugs within the same therapeutic class can be prescribed in place of an expensive brand name drug. Of course, if you choose the higher-priced brand name drug, we have negotiated a substantial discount for you.

Lower Cost Generics
You can also save money by using less expensive brands and generic drugs. Less expensive generics meet the same safety and effectiveness standards. Ask your doctor if a less expensive or generic drug can be utilized. APS will dispense a generic equivalent whenever possible unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

How to Use This Service
In order to get started, APS requires you to complete a patient profile and order form. Please contact Member Services to obtain a copy of these forms, or visit to download and print. You may also obtain pricing information by calling Member Services or visiting

When you have completed both sides of this form, attach the hard-copy prescription written by your doctor to the completed forms and mail to APS. If you need to start your medicine right away, ask your doctor to write two prescriptions - one for a smaller quantity (less than a 30-day supply) to be filled at one of our local network pharmacies, and one prescription for between a 30-day and 90-day supply to be filled by APS Mail Order.

Order Processing and Shipping
APS processes all complete orders within 48 hours. It is best to order 14 days in advance of running out of your current supply. Orders missing information (including the hard-copy prescriptions) will require additional processing time. Payment is made using any major credit card, checks or money orders. Prescription drug orders are shipped at no charge via First Class Mail. Additional fees may apply for other shipping options.