Prescription Drug Discount - Walk In:
Assists you in reducing the expense of prescription drug medications.

Now you and your family can access discounts on your prescriptions at a network of over 50,000 participating pharmacies, over 5,200 of which are located in California.  The Atlantic Prescription Services (APS) network includes national chains, local chains and independent pharmacies.

What Is a Prescription Drug Discount?
Prescription drug discounts allow prescription drug users to save money on all types of prescription medications.  At the time of purchase, members simply present their ID card at a participating pharmacy to instantly receive discounts on their prescription drugs. It’s that easy!

What Discount Can I Expect From My Program?
Your program offers savings on brand-name and generic drugs. Savings average 15% for brand name drugs and 40% for generic drugs over network pharmacies’ usual and customary prices. Thousands of medications, both brand name and generic, are available at a discount. 

Where Do I Use the Prescription Discount?
Your discount is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Additional pharmacies are constantly being recruited, and the pharmacy directory is continually being updated. If your neighborhood pharmacy is not found on the short list of participating pharmacies below and you would like to find out if they participate, please contact Member Services at (888) 411-3888. Otherwise, simply use the location tool provided on to locate a participating pharmacy near you! Pharmacies that participate in the APS network include Costco, Fred Meyer, Kmart, Longs Drug Store, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Publix, Target, Wal-Mart and many more. For more information, please call us at (888) 411-3888.

How to Use Your Prescription Discount:

  1. Select a Pharmacy / Find a price: Your ID card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Simply use the location and pricing tool provided on to locate a participating pharmacy near you and the pricing information for your prescription medications, or if you do not have internet access, simply call Member Services at 1-888-411-3888.
  2. Submit your prescription: Present your prescription to the pharmacist. If you need to transfer a prescription, bring the empty prescription bottle or label with you to the pharmacy.
  3. Show your card: Give your card to the pharmacist each time you place your prescription order.
  4. You Save: Once your prescription is filled, you pay the discounted price. It’s that easy!